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14 Nisan 2007

Iraq: Cultural Heritage in Conflict

Konuşmacı: René Teijgeler
Kültürel antropolog, 2004-2005'te Irak Kültür Bakanlığı'nda baş danışman

Tarih: 19 Nisan 2007

Saat: 18:00

Yer: Koç Üniversitesi Anadolu Uygarlıklarını Araştırma Merkezi
İstiklal Caddesi Nuru Ziya Sokak, No:5 Beyoğlu İstanbul

Telefon: 212 393 60 00

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Iraq: Cultural Heritage in Conflict
Unfortunately, too many officials and administrators underestimate the importance of cultural heritage in countries in conflict. To build a new identity any people need visible and tangible symbols, a shared vision on the future society. In April 2003, the popular fury of people destroyed many a library and museum. Next, the coalition forces directly or indirectly caused damage to Iraq's antiquities of which the occupation of the Babylon site was the most striking. Together with 25 years of neglect, the Iraqi cultural heritage workers had to start practically from scratch. To try and safe some of Iraq's rich heritage amidst the increasingly explosive situation and political confusion was not an easy job.
Unfortunately, the violent conflict did not decline in the years after. This seriously hindered the reconstruction of the heritage sector. Today hardly any archaeological site is protected and the looters have free play. The illicit excavated Iraqi artefacts appear all over the western art market. As the unrest continues, museums and libraries close down while the interest of the donor community quickly fades away. The rehabilitation of Iraq's cultural legacy seems to have come to a stop.

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