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    03 Şubat 2010

    Paleolithic Cultures in Bursa (NW Turkey)

    Two new Paleolithic sites located in the southern Marmara region of Northwest Anatolia – the Şahinkaya cave and an open air site at the Uludağ University campus, Bursa – are discussed, contributing substantially to the as yet meagre number of archaeologically attested Pleistocene activities in Turkey. The lithic assemblages from the Şahinkaya cave as well as from the Uludağ University campus (Gorukle) prove (at least) Middle Paleolithic activities.

    This summary has also been published in
    Şahin, M., B. Dinçer, T. Zimmermann, 2009
    "Neue Fundlätze des Älteren Paläolithikums bei Bursa in Nordwestanatolien (Türkei)", Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt 2009/2: 153-162.

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